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The Heart of Tao - Awakening the Illuminated Heart with Dr. Carl Totton
About Us
The Heart of Tao: Helping you to remember who you are! 
This 4 day workshop is based on the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, author of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life series and the book, Living in the Heart. It is filled with meditations, healing, and exercises that help you on your way to Conscious Ascension. In it, you will learn to activate the beams of light around your head that form a halo, reconnect the pineal gland to your heart, enter the tiny space of your heart, and learn to live and create from this sacred place. Your will learn to activate your natural Merkaba which will become permanent immediately! Every participant benefits greatly from this amazing experience. Come along and join with us!

NOTE: This class is the pre-requisite for entrance into Drunvalo's new class in Sedona, "Cosmic Grace: Returning to Source".
The days are filled with loving healing, meditations, music, spirit dancing, sound healing and deep connection with all who attend.
We hope to see you there. Take these 4 days and change your life forever!
Many of you may be familiar with Drunvalo Mechizedek’s works, “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” and “Living in the Heart”. These books helped introduce the concepts of sacred geometry as well as a new perspective on the history of humanity. The Flower of Life is a geometric pattern which literally forms the mathematical and energetic basis for all life everywhere in the universe.
It is essentially a creation pattern containing the blueprints for all life and it is a living field of energy as well. In addition to our physical body, we also have an emotional, mental, and spiritual body. When they are not aligned and in harmony with each other, our lives tend to become completely out of balance.

Through the course of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshop, we will learn some of the most advanced methods in the world for realigning our lives to a way which is both natural and sustainable. This class represents the culmination of Drunvalo’s 40 years of research and development into the nature of human consciousness and advanced knowledge about healing techniques to let go of the past and live more fully in the present moment.
Those who have previously activated their Merkaba fields through the methods taught before this will find that all of the information and programming held within that field will automatically transfer to the new Merkaba which is more stable and permanent immediately upon activation.

During these four days we will cover:

• Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering
• Understanding of how the creation process works
• The nature of human consciousness
• The Blue School exercises of Claudette Melchizedek
• Unity Breath Meditation and Heart Meditations
• The Blessing Dance Meditation and Sound Healing
• Creating from the Brain and Creating from the Heart
• Beams of Light Activation
• Opening the Third Eye Meditation
• Programming the Mer-Ka-Ba and Creating an external
• Activation of the New Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation
• Creation Process from the Tiny Space of the Heart
Everything we need to begin our evolution and ascension process will be given in this workshop. Many years of advanced and specialized knowledge will be transferred in only four days because we are truly remembering that which we have actually forgotten. This experience is quite healing and allows us to return to our Source by remembering who we are. It will be my privilege to help you begin and complete this amazing journey!

In Love and Service,
Dr. Carl Totton

Class meets Friday - Monday

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