The Heart of Tao - Biography: Dr. Carl Totton
The Heart of Tao - Awakening the Illuminated Heart with Dr. Carl Totton
Carl & Drunvalo in Mexico 2012 at the Teacher Training Course, Lake Chapala, Mexico!ATIH Teacher Biography
Carl with Drunvalo in Mexico, 2012
Dr. Carl Totton, Certified AITH Teacher
Dr. Carl Totton, Certified AITH Teacher
Dr. Carl Totton, PsyD, is a Certified ATIH Teacher, ordained Taoist priest, and a licensed clinical psychologist. He is the founder and director of the Taoist Institute of Los Angeles and a board certified holistic health practitioner. Dr. Totton has studied and practices Reiki, Qigong, Matrix Energetics, Reconnective Healing, shamanic energy balancing, and the Hawaiian spiritual cleansing method of Ho’oponopono.

He is a professor and chair of psychology at a private graduate school, and has taught at five colleges or universities, including two schools of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Carl has been involved in the study of Chinese arts like tai chi chuan for 50 years, and has studied with Drunvalo since 1999. He has a private practice in psychotherapy in North Hollywood, CA, for adults, adolescents, and children (see

He has studied the following Drunvalo related classes:
The Flower of Life
Living in the Heart
Advanced Earth-Sky-Heart
Awakening the Illuminated Heart
ATIH Teacher Training Course
The Way to Do is to Be
Cosmic Grace

And with Claudette Melchizedek
The Blue School of Imagery

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