Awakening the Illuminated Heart!
The Heart of Tao - Awakening the Illuminated Heart with Dr. Carl Totton


Awakening the Illuminated Heart
Living in the Heart
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Awakening the Illuminated Heart!

Hello Again,
Once more it's time to learn about living in the heart! This coming Memorial Day weekend, take time to renew yourself, have a great time, meet fascinating people, while learning the amazing methods of self transformation created by Drunvalo!
We would love to have you and yours join us this time. Bring all of your friends and family along with you so you can all learn, practice, and transform together! Special rates when you come together too.
I'm very excited and look forward to meeting you here. The class dates are May 24-27, Friday through Monday, in North Hollywood and Burbank, California.
Blessings from the Heart,
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